About Us

At Bassboatzone, we’re more than just passionate about bass boats – we’re obsessed. Our journey began with a shared love for the water, fishing, and the pursuit of the perfect catch. With years of experience navigating lakes and rivers, we decided to bring our enthusiasm for bass fishing to the online world.

Our Mission:

We are on a quest to equip bass fishing aficionados with insightful knowledge, indispensable tools, and invaluable resources. Every piece of content is meticulously crafted to augment your angling escapades, ensuring each cast brings you a step closer to that trophy bass.

Meet the Team


Alan Garrath

Hi there! I’m Alan Garrath. I’m a dedicated angler, boat enthusiast, and passionate writer with a deep-rooted love for the water. My journey in the world of bass boats began during my childhood when I spent summers fishing with my grandfather on his trusty old bass boat. I’ve spent years exploring the art of bass fishing and the intricate world of bass boats. When I’m not on the water, you’ll find me sharing my passion through informative articles and in-depth reviews, all aimed at helping you make the most of your bass fishing adventures. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Alan Garrath

Beth Thompson

Hello, I’m Beth Thompson, and I’m delighted to be a part of the BassBoatZone team. My journey in the world of bass fishing began as a childhood fascination and has evolved into a lifelong passion. With extensive experience exploring bass-rich waters, I’m here to share my insights and expertise with you.

At BassBoatZone, I’m committed to providing you with valuable tips, techniques, and knowledge that I’ve gathered over the years. Whether it’s uncovering the best bass fishing spots, reviewing the latest equipment, or sharing personal stories from my angling adventures, I’m here to help you enhance your bass fishing experience. Let’s cast our lines together and reel in some unforgettable memories!

Beth Thompson

Your Trusted Companion in your Bass Boat experience

BassBoatZone is more than a platform; it’s a sanctuary for bass fishing enthusiasts. Whether you’re a veteran angler or a novice eager to plunge into the captivating world of bass fishing, we are your reliable companion. Our reservoir of resources, insights, and expertise is tailored to elevate your bass fishing experiences, making every expedition not just a journey, but a narrative of unforgettable moments.